Don’t fall victim to the calf muscle sniper ever again!

Have you strained your calf muscle? More than once? You’re not alone. Read on to find out how to break this vicious cycle, or prevent it in the first place

Here’s the usual story we see; you injure your calf muscle running, take a few weeks off running and get back to walking and doing stairs comfortably. You are able to jog and then nurse your calf through an easy training session. First game back you push off hard and try and chase down an opponent or run up a hill and the sniper shoots you in the calf from behind the grassy knoll, leaving you to hop or limp off in pain and frustration. Sound familiar?Read More

Re-Season Training

profile of Physiotherapist, Jay McGuinness
Jay McGuinness Physiotherapist

Over 35 Soccer players, are you excited about the prospect of getting back together with your team and having a kick and a beer? If you’re a bit worried about getting injured and missing most of a 9 week season then you are not alone and you should read this carefully as I’m about to outline a program you need to be doing now to have your best chance of staying on the pitch.

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Jay’s working for the Sharks!

Recently I have been lucky enough to take up a position as a physiotherapist for the Cronulla Sharks Academy. I am

profile of Physiotherapist, Jay McGuinness
Jay McGuinness

required to attend all games and training sessions whilst being responsible for the diagnosis and rehab of all injuries sustained by players. The aim is to then return them to full training and games as soon as possible.

Working with elite athletes and sporting teams has always been a career goal of mine and having the opportunity to work with the Cronulla Sharks is already proving to be a great learning experience.Read More

Parkside Performance and Prevention Classes

Our local winter sports are about to start their pre-season, and this usually means some pain and suffering after a long off season and festive season.  This time is also ideal to work on injury prevention. In fact, training for performance enhancement IS injury prevention. We’re starting a new group exercise class to help get you fitter and reduce your risk of injury. Getting stronger, fitter and better core strength and balance will help you play better and also reduce your risk of getting hurt.Read More