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Bosco FC Injury Prevention Resources

Hi Bosco FC,

2024 marks our 25th year of being involved with Bosco FC! As well as being on your sleeve, we’ve also got your back when you get injured. My team of Physios and Exercise Physiologists are obsessed with getting you back doing what you love the most. We’ve spent the off season revising and updating our injury rehab protocols and we’re confident we’ll help you get back on the pitch as soon as possible. Whether you’re a young player with “growing pains” or not so young with a calf tear, we’ve got you covered. Muscle strains, ankle sprains, knee injuries, we’re ready to help you out.

As a Bosco FC player we’d love to help you out with a discounted initial consultation so you can get the right advice. We also offer online booking via our website, or our Facebook page so you don’t have to wait until Monday morning to get your recovery organised.

St George Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centre at Kogarah runs a Saturday Sports injury clinic from 1-6pm. Parkside Physios are on duty here every month. If you are concerned enough to seek medical care but want to skip the Emergency department at our local hospitals this could be a good option. For a fee you see a Doctor, have access to imaging and immediate management of your injury, including an on-call surgeon. Phone 8537 3100 for an appointment

Hope you have a great 2024 season and don’t need our services!

Matt McEwan

Football Australia Perform+ Posters (PDF)

Warm Up

Performance and Injury Prevention Exercises

Fundamentals (5-13 years old)

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As experienced physiotherapists, we’re here to guide you through this journey. This article will shed light on understanding your shoulder pain, the crucial role of physiotherapy in your recovery, and how you can effectively prevent future injuries. Together, we will navigate your path back to the gym with confidence and resilience. Let’s dive in!Read More

Understanding, Treating, and Preventing Hamstring Injuries: A Comprehensive Guide

Hamstring injuries can be a serious concern for athletes. They are among the most common injuries in team sports, and a staggering 25%-33% of these injuries can reoccur, often within the first four weeks after returning to sport. Read on to find out the latest update that our Physio Shaylee Pyett shared with our clinical team at one of our weekly clinical education sessions.

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Injury Prevention: Yes We Can!

Are you about to start your winter sport and already dreading the niggles, twinges and injuries that end up sitting you on the sideline wasting that expensive rego money?

It doesn’t have to end up that way. There are simple prehab exercises you can do to improve strength and flexibility in the main muscle groups injured in winter team sports.

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Hopefully you’ve heard by now that exercise is powerful medicine which is proven to be effective against a wide variety of diseases and conditions.  It adds life to your years and years to your life.

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