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Stress Fracture: Avoid the Pacman!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get fitter this year, lose some weight or join a gym or bootcamp? Making a big change in your exercise level causes soreness you can feel immediately, usually day 2 is the worst right? Well 6-12 weeks after changing your training levels there’s another soreness that is common, caused by stress fractures in your bones. Let’s talk through the interesting science behind this and how you can prevent yourself missing 2-6 months of training by avoiding a stress fracture.Read More

Shin Splints: How to avoid the pre-season curse

It’s February and we’ve all started and hopefully stuck to our New Year’s resolutions and pre-season fitness training for footy, netball or soccer is ramping up. It’s about this time that the dreaded shin splints start rearing their ugly head. So, we thought we’d help you out by telling you what they are, why they happen and how you can try and prevent them.Read More

Injury Prevention: Is it Possible?

Sports Injuries are a massive cost to professional sports teams, costing many millions of dollars in lost player-games in big sporting leagues across the world. But they also cause meaningful frustration for weekend warriors and masters athletes who miss races or sit out months of their soccer and netball seasons due to annoying or returning injuries. Can these injuries be prevented?Read More