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Are You Strong Enough for Winter Sport?

Even though the beach weather is hanging in there, it’s time to start thinking about pre-season for our winter team sports. We’re excited to have our AxIT strength measurement system to help you make decisions about prehab and smart training goals based on numbers, not guesswork.This is a perfect time to work on areas of your performance that can help you not only play better but reduce your risk of injury during the season.

The AxIT system consists of sophisticated load-cell force measuring devices, one hand held, one used with cable machines and a pair of force plates. They allow us to measure maximal strength as well as power and explosiveness accurately. Some of the ways this can help you

  • Compare yourself to “normal” figures to see how you compare to what is expected for someone of your age and gender
    Identify muscle imbalances: either between your left and right side, or between two muscle groups on the same limb. Assessing the ratio of hamstring to quadricep strength is one we commonly use for running and kicking.
  • Measure injury recovery. If you were injured last season, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to see that with testing
  • Guide pre-season training and prehab. Identifying significant weakness or lack of explosive strength can guide you in what training to start right now so you are in peak condition when the season starts
  • Establish a normal benchmark for you. Professional teams do strength testing pre-season so they have normal values to hit again in the event of an injury during the season. Return to play decisions can be made off solid data measured earlier for you.
  • During season recovery monitoring. Periodic strength measurement can expose subtle changes in strength and power warning of an impending injury, or over training state. Groin muscle strength in soccer players is a very good example of this at work. Small drops in strength are an early warning sign of groin muscle injury or osteitis pubis which can be prevented if picked up early enough.

Get your pre-season strength bench-marking done now!

We’re offering you the chance to get a professional strength pre-season screening done here in Engadine. We have testing protocols for soccer, rugby league and union, netball and fitness athletes and if we haven’t done one for your sport give us a yell and we can formulate one for you.