Are you our Ideal Client?

Over 2 decades we have identified characteristics in our clients that ensure the best fit and greatest results. We think our ideal client at Parkside:

Values exercise and physical fitness

Our best work happens with people who place a high priority on staying physically active. They are often frustrated by not being able to perform at their best and appreciate our guidance to get them back in action

Has an event or result in sight

We find that clients with a clear goal help us devise a specific, individual rehab program and pathway to recovery more easily. These goals could include:

  • a half marathon or triathlon in 6 weeks
  • being able to get out of a chair or walk pain free on an overseas holiday
  • being able to pick up their grandkids or kick the ball with their children

Are willing to be actively involved in the solution to their problem

The vast majority of problems we encounter benefit greatly from exercise and loading with physical activity. If you’d prefer to lie down and have Physio “done on you” we may not be the perfect fit.

Are frustrated with being told “You shouldn’t…..”

It frustrates us too!!! We hate hearing people tell us they have been told to “never”, “don’t”, “you can’t”.
We will usually do the exact opposite and give you a list of activities we highly recommend you do to help speed up your recovery as well as specific exercises to help with your current problem.

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