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Shin Splints: Help!!!

“Shin splints” is a real problem for anyone taking part in running sports. It’s one of the top 3 running related injuries. Weirdly, the name “shin splints” is taken from a common injury in 2-year-old racehorses, where they damage the “splint bone” in their shin.

Running related shin pain in humans is usually caused by one of a few different conditions. Read on to find out what they are, how they differ and how we can help you get them under control and get back runningRead More

Achilles Tendon Rupture: Surgery or a Boot?

The Achilles tendon is the most frequently torn tendon in the human body. It’s a major injury which takes months to recover. For decades, surgical repair of the tendon was the most common treatment, but since walking boots have become popular recently, non-surgical treatment using a specialised boot has become more popular.

So which one is better? Surgery or a boot? As usual, it depends!Read More

Why on Earth is my Physio asking about my periods?

This can be a bit confronting, can’t it? You head off to the Physio with a hip flexor strain, shin splints or some tendonitis in your foot. You’re training really well, feeling fit, a bit tired maybe. And then they hit you between the eyes with a question about how often you get your period? Bit random, what’s going on there you may wonder. Read on to find out why they may be negligent NOT to ask!

Read More

Back pain: What really works?

Lower back Pain is extremely common. At any one time, 8% of the world’s population has low back pain and 25% of us have had a sore back in the last 3 months. Low back pain is the number one cause of disability and medical retirement from work, and there are more Doctor’s visits for back pain than any other condition!! So, What Really Works for Low Back Pain?Read More

Groin Pain: Is it Your Hip?

Did you know that pain in your groin is most likely to be coming from your hip? This can be confusing, as most people think of the hip as the bit on the outer side of the thigh, but if we look at the anatomy, we can see that the ball and socket of the hip joint is a long way inland from there and right under what most of us call the “groin”.

As Physiotherapists, how do we make sense of groin pain and decide it’s coming from your hip?Read More

Achilles Tendon Tips

Achilles pain is one of the most common running injuries and particularly affects older runners or those running long distances.  Rather than calling it Achilles tendinitis, which suggests inflammation easily helped by drugs, this is now known as Achilles tendinopathy, which describes Achilles tendon pain due to changes in the structure and function of the tendon and aggravated by increased load. Read on for 5 tips you may think are crazy for settling down a cranky AchillesRead More