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Goal setting: Our 10-Year Everest!

Our Blog posts usually contain tips and hints about how to avoid injury, or what to do once you’ve hurt yourself.  This one is different. Over the last year with such “uncertain times” I’ve spent a lot of time digging deep into important things like our purpose, what values we hold dear as a team and a business, and where we’re heading in the future. Today I thought I’d let you know about our long-term goal; our 10-Year EverestRead More

Injury Prevention: Is it Possible?

Sports Injuries are a massive cost to professional sports teams, costing many millions of dollars in lost player-games in big sporting leagues across the world. But they also cause meaningful frustration for weekend warriors and masters athletes who miss races or sit out months of their soccer and netball seasons due to annoying or returning injuries. Can these injuries be prevented?Read More

Health Fund “Extras”: How to get the most out of your Private Health Insurance

If you’re in a private health fund and covered for “Extras”, do you know when your benefits re-set?  Are you sure you’re in the best value for money cover for your needs? Are you paying too much for the lowest benefits?  You’ve been paying insurance premiums that always increase, have you made the best use of your insurance?Read More