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We use exercise and hands-on therapy to get you back doing what you love quickly and safely

“We are committed to maintaining and updating our knowledge and skills to ensure you receive the most up-to-date treatment.”

We are local, University trained Physiotherapists who offer safe, effective relief from pain, stiffness and injury.

A group of joggers


We provide expert attention for all sporting injuries. Using our skills and experience from years working with elite sporting teams we can have you back to your best quickly and safely. Whether you have an overuse injury from running or triathlon or a sprained ankle or muscle strain from soccer or netball we have the expertise to get you back into action and keep you there.

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Physiotherapists are experts in the management of back pain. We use safe, effective hands-on techniques and individually tailored exercise programs to help you get over back pain and restore strength and confidence in your back again.

Osteo-arthritis illustration

Osteo-arthritis Management FOR ACTIVE AGEING

Physiotherapists have much to offer anyone with arthritis. Hands-on treatment can help loosen stiff muscles and joints, we can show you exercises to improve flexibility, strength and daily function as well as use taping techniques to relieve knee pain. We can help you prepare for joint replacement surgery and work with surgeons to help speed recovery afterwards.


Surgical Rehabilitation

We can help you recover from orthopaedic surgery. We are experts at rehab for knee, ankle, shoulder and hip surgery. Whether you’ve had a knee arthroscopy or ACL repair, a rotator cuff repair in your shoulder or hip replacement we are experts at planning an exercise program to get your movement and strength back and return you to normal activities. We work closely with local surgeons, go and watch their surgery regularly and use the latest post-op protocols to get you the best results.

Kids playing soccer


Children are more than miniature adults. Their muscles, tendons and bones are different and react differently to adults. Kids and teenagers have unique injuries as a result and we are experts at diagnosing the injury and the cause and can motivate your kids to do the right exercises to get better. We feel there are no such thing as growing pains, kids shouldn’t have to suffer (nor should their parents).


Splints, casts, boots and braces

We provide custom made thermoplastic wrist and hand splints, waterproof fibreglass casts and Exos removable casts. We sell walking boots for foot and ankle injuries and hinged knee braces for knee ligament injuries or surgery.

Hands cupping water in a pool


Hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy and resistance of warm water to ease muscle spasm and acute pain. It is an excellent medium to stretch and exercise muscles and joints. Aquatic Physiotherapy is very successful in the treatment of acute and chronic spinal pain, arthritic conditions, joint replacements, and is ideal for commencing exercise post surgery. Our Aquatic Physio, Trish Loder regularly updates her skills and knowledge.