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Goal setting: Our 10-Year Everest!

Our Blog posts usually contain tips and hints about how to avoid injury, or what to do once you’ve hurt yourself.  This one is different. Over the last year with such “uncertain times” I’ve spent a lot of time digging deep into important things like our purpose, what values we hold dear as a team and a business, and where we’re heading in the future. Today I thought I’d let you know about our long-term goal; our 10-Year EverestRead More

Parkside Sports Physiotherapy turns 21 years old today. 

21st speeches are usually boozy recollections of embarrassing anecdotes provided by friends and family, outlining stupid events and actions punctuating a young life, while still holding out great hope for a bright and exciting future.

No different here. We are a family business. No Incs or Corps, no franchise or group to report to, just a local husband and wife who have managed to stay in business for more than 2 decades when the average is 2 years. Read More

Three things your child’s coach wants you to know about injuries

We’re very lucky to have a guest blogger giving us her insight into a Coaches’ perspective about injuries in young athlete’s. Michelle Allen* is a talented and passionate Netball coach, read on to find out what a great Coach thinks about kids sporting injuriesRead More

Is Hip Pain driving you mad?

Do you suffer from pain on the side of your hip that stops you sleeping, walking or even sitting?

“Many women put up with disabling hip pain for 2 years without getting effective treatment, instead taking drugs and getting cortisone injections, often with no result!”

Without an effective treatment plan, this pain can unfortunately continue for years. Disturbed sleep and reduced walking and exercise can lead to weight gain, with implications for your general health and mental well-being.Read More