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Bullet Proof Your legs Like Tommy Turbo

You may have read in the press recently about the “revolutionary” sprinting program Manly and NSW Origin star Tom Trbojevic has been using to rehab and strengthen his hamstrings after a number of significant injuries in recent seasons.  In very basic terms, he runs a targeted amount of sprinting a week to condition his legs to high speed movement.  The good news is that we’ve been using this approach for a number of years, and it’s not actually all that new to Physios who stay up to date with the research.  Read More

Why Exercise is Vital in Lockdown….

Profile Picture of Ashleigh Hooper, Exercise Physiologist
Ashleigh Hooper, Exercise Physiologist

Its no doubt, COVID-19 has played a massive toll on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing this past year. Whether it has been job insecurity, financial stress, ever-changing travel plans, or having to wait an extra 6 months for that hair appointment… you name it, COVID has added to the stress and anxiety of our lives.  For others, the impact of lock downs, travel restrictions and social isolation has potentially compounded the effects of anxiety and depression.Read More

Injury: a Coach’s View with Susan McPherson*

Injuries are a frustrating and demoralising reality for many endurance athletes. The demand on the body from the repetition and forces involved with endurance training means it’s likely that at some point you could get injured.

Although it’s natural to feel the disappointment of injury, wallowing in self pity and mourning the loss of your hard-earned fitness is like kicking yourself in the guts when you’re down. So, what can you do?

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Goal setting: Our 10-Year Everest!

Our Blog posts usually contain tips and hints about how to avoid injury, or what to do once you’ve hurt yourself.  This one is different. Over the last year with such “uncertain times” I’ve spent a lot of time digging deep into important things like our purpose, what values we hold dear as a team and a business, and where we’re heading in the future. Today I thought I’d let you know about our long-term goal; our 10-Year EverestRead More