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Injury Prevention: Yes We Can!

Are you about to start your winter sport and already dreading the niggles, twinges and injuries that end up sitting you on the sideline wasting that expensive rego money?

It doesn’t have to end up that way. There are simple prehab exercises you can do to improve strength and flexibility in the main muscle groups injured in winter team sports.

Here at Parkside, we recommend a 2-stage approach to sports-specific injury prevention.

Step 1 involves a screening exam. This is a short, targeted testing session where we assess your balance, strength, and flexibility to identify areas of weakness and imbalance. We use technology like our AxIT strength measurement system to accurately assess, not guess your muscle strength and power as well as imbalances between muscle groups in the same limb or between one leg and the other.

Step 2 involves using this information to target these problem areas in a prehab strength and conditioning session targeting the main injuries we know occur in winter sports. These include proven protocols used in professional sports world-wide that have been shown to reduce risk of injury AND improve performance levels but can be equally effective for grassroots athletes here in the Shire.

This autumn we’re offering both steps for you in a ready-made package to get you through the first part of the season and help you keep playing through to the pointy end of the season.

Our Parkside Prevention and Performance program (PPP) includes:

  1. A 30-minute screening session
  2. An 8-week small group prehab program, once a week in our gym. This is designed to be started either pre-season or in-season and extend for the first 6-8 weeks which is the part of the season with the highest injury risk. Short, sharp, targeted and designed to fit around your training and playing schedule

So, if you’re keen to avoid missing games this season, take the next step and get in touch to find out more.  We’re ready to go, are you?