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Don’t let these ankle sprain mistakes cost you a semi finals appearance!

As we get to the business end of winter sport season, we usually get a rush of last-minute rehab for ankle sprains that all of a sudden become extremely important when semi-finals are coming up. Here’s a few of the biggest mistakes we see with ankle sprains and DIY rehab

  1. Waiting weeks to start rehab. Many people are told to rest and do nothing for weeks after an ankle sprain. The first few weeks are when we can show you how to reduce swelling quickly, maintain and improve your mobility while your ankle heals. Protected movement, NOT rest is important here. See us Day 1 if you are serious about getting back to the sport you love!
  2. Not doing any work on balance, control or strength. We still find it crazy that many people rest for a month and then go back to sport with a stiff, weak and unstable ankle and expect to take up where they left off. We have great ankle rehab protocols you can perform at home, let us teach you how to rehab back to a strong, stable ankle
  3. Wrapping an ankle in crepe bandages to play. This is a complete waste of time. The equivalent of a loose sock you can see through has never been studied in the scientific research so use tape or a brace, which both help prevent ankle sprain re-injury. We can show you how to tape or fit you with a brace.

Avoiding these mistakes can win you back weeks of lost playing time which become super important as finals draw closer and closer. If you are putting up with a “dodgy ankle” it’s not too late, get a professional assessment done and let us help you finish the season safely.

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