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Drug-Free Pain Relief For Osteo-Arthritis

Did you know 2.1 million Australians are dealing with knee or hip pain from Osteo-Arthritis? Or that 70% will go straight from taking tablets to joint replacement surgery without being offered some of the most effective and safest treatment options? Read on to find out how we can help you bridge that gap, get control of your pain and get moving using exercise

In May of 2017, a Clinical Care Standard of Osteoarthritis of the Knee was released which recommended conservative management as the best treatment for knee osteoarthritis.  This is NOT happening in real life, as almost 70% of NSW patients on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery have had no conservative management except for medication.

The three main components of conservative management are education, exercise and weight control

The Osteo-Arthritis Treatment Pyramid. Everyone should receive the First Line of treatment with only a small number progressing to surgery, usually joint replacement

What we commonly see is people skipping the First Line treatments altogether, being placed on anti-inflammatory tablets and soon after seeing a surgeon for surgery.

Here at Parkside, we believe strongly our Physios and Exercise Physiologist have a great deal to offer and can help you to develop a plan towards healthy joints and a more active lifestyle. We can help you with the First Line Treatments which are safe, effective and not as costly as ongoing tablets or major surgery.

We are able to examine and diagnose your hip and knee condition and give you a number of exercise and education options including

  • One on One consultations, Individual exercise programs and education
  • Small-group Hip and Knee arthritis exercise classes in the clinic with our Exercise Physiologist, Eoghan Rosser.
  • Hydrotherapy (exercise in warm water) with our Physio, Trish Loder

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