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GLA;D Osteoarthritis Group Exercise Classes

“OA is  the  most  common  lifestyle  disease  in individuals 65 years of age and older, but can also affect those as young as 30 years of age.”

Is Knee or Hip Arthritis Slowing You Down? We’d be GLA;D to Help!

We offer a proven 6-week exercise and education program to reduce pain, delay or avoid surgery, improve function and reduce drug use

What is GLA;D?

GLA:D®, or Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. This program is unique in that the education and exercises provided can be applied to everyday activities. By strengthening and correcting daily movement patterns, participants will train their bodies to move properly, prevent symptom progression and reduce pain

Why Exercise?

Current national and international clinical guidelines recommend patient education, exercise and weight loss as first line treatments for osteoarthritis.  Despite this, many progress straight to drugs and surgery as first treatments, without trying safer, effective methods. 70% of those on waiting lists for joint replacement in NSW have tried tablets and nothing else!!

About the Program

  • A first appointment explaining the program and collecting data on your current functional ability
  • Two education sessions which teach you about OA, how the GLA:D™ Australia exercises improve joint stability, and how to retain this improved joint stability outside of the program
  • Group neuromuscular training sessions twice a week for six weeks to improve muscle control of the joint which leads to reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life

Results You Should Expect

  • Less pain
  • Reduced dependence on pain-killing drugs
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Participants report satisfaction with the program and increased physical activity 12 months after completing GLA:D

The Faculty

The GLA:D Program has been made available in Australia through a collaboration with Physiotherapists at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Only Physiotherapists who have completed a multi-day training course are certified to deliver the program. Parkside Sports Physiotherapy is proud to be the first practice in Southern Sydney offering the GLA:D program