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Sore Knees? Don’t do knee exercises!

No we’re not crazy, it’s science!

Patello-Femoral pain is the most common injury in people doing running or jumping sports. It is one of the top 3 or 4 issues we see every day. In simple terms, it’s pain coming from the front of your knee, around the kneecap.

Would you believe that understanding what’s wrong with your knee and not doing any knee exercises initially is actually best practice? We do, because there’s science to back it up. The research shows that the most effective exercise rehab includes BOTH hip and knee muscle strengthening, BUT that 4 weeks of hip only training before starting knee muscle training can give great results for pain and return to sport as well.

How do we use this info? We have designed a Patello-femoral Pain Clinical pathway exclusively for our patients, based on the latest research. After we listen to your story and examine your knee, we target hip only exercises when your knee is too angry to do knee-based exercises. As soon as your knee is ready, we’ll start loading up the quads using exercises shown to put the least stress on your kneecap.

If you’d like to grab a copy of our Patello-femoral Pain fact sheet just click the image below.

Knee Pain fact sheet