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Private Health Insurance: Members Last?

This rant post has been coming for a while if I’m honest, but I generally like to keep things positive. Some recent experiences where Health Funds have contacted current clients and encouraged them to move to “preferred providers” have pushed me to the point where I need to get stuff off my chest regarding private health insurance and “preferred providers” schemes.Read More

Parkside Sports Physiotherapy turns 21 years old today. 

21st speeches are usually boozy recollections of embarrassing anecdotes provided by friends and family, outlining stupid events and actions punctuating a young life, while still holding out great hope for a bright and exciting future.

No different here. We are a family business. No Incs or Corps, no franchise or group to report to, just a local husband and wife who have managed to stay in business for more than 2 decades when the average is 2 years. Read More