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Our Promise to You!

Hope you’re having a great day. As always, we’re keeping busy here at Parkside.  Last week’s blog told you what “We Believe”. Today I want to outline our promise to you when you trust us to solve your frustrating injury problems.

At Parkside Sports Physiotherapy we Promise:

  • At your first visit we will tell you in plain English what is wrong, how long it will take to fix and map out a plan of action to work on together to achieve the goals you set us. We won’t bamboozle you with meaningless jargon. Education and advice is key to getting you on the right track quickly and we will do our best to get you back doing what you love by giving you simple, straightforward information about your injury that you could summarise in a tweet.
  • We promise to treat you like family. We all love our Mums and we aim to give you the same care and attention our own family deserve. When you come and see us you become part of the Parkside family and we believe you should be given the utmost attention and respect
  • We promise to respect your busy schedule by doing our best to stay on time while giving all our clients our complete one-on-one attention during our time together. We do that by having the longest appointment times of any practice in the area. We refuse to try and cram an initial appointment into 30 minutes or see you for a 20 minute follow up. It probably costs us money but we believe you are worth it
I hope this helps build on your understanding of what we stand for.  We strongly believe in quality Physiotherapy and giving you our best every day. If you love what we do, shoot a review up on Google or Facebook for us. If you think we haven’t fulfilled our promises to you, I really want to know about it and would love you to shoot me an email to my personal email address and let me know
Keep doing what you love,
Matt McEwan