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We’ve got your back over the festive season!

Injury and mishaps don’t take holidays, so neither do we. We know from experience that the Silly Season can get more than a bit silly and we’re ready for anything.

Whether it’s Dad falling off someone else’s new skateboard, your Uncle getting dumped in the surf, your sister falling off her heels at the pub on Christmas Eve and spraining her ankle or Santa hurting his back squeezing down all those chimneys in a workplace health and safety nightmare, we know some of you are going to get an injury for Christmas.

That’s why we don’t shut down over Christmas. Some of our team are taking leave and heading away to be with their family, but we have a crack squad of festive injury specialists on duty over the next 2 weeks. If your normal go-to has shut down for a fortnight, we’re here to help.
We’ll be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We’re back on the 27th, working the 30th and New Years Eve in the morning then back on the 2nd and full steam ahead with 20/20 Vision for an awesome year ahead.

From the Parkside Family to yours, we hope you get to enjoy a great Christmas with your family and friends, kick back, relax and enjoy a food coma only Christmas can provide. We hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year.