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What We Believe!

Hi, hope you’re having a great day!

I thought I’d spend a few minutes taking you behind the scenes here at Parkside by letting you know a bit about what we stand for over the next few blog posts.

Today: This is What We Believe!

At Parkside Sports Physiotherapy:

  1. We Believe everybody should have access to worlds’ best practice rehab and injury treatment. It’s a condition of working here that our Physios stay up to date with the latest evidence-based clinical guidelines. We all scour the research to develop our Parkside Clinical Pathways which are the backbone of our treatment recommendations to you
  2. We believe in no silly B.S.! We won’t recommend treatment methods that don’t have any scientific basis to them. There are lots of fads and quackery out there on the net, and sadly in Allied Health practice generally. We refuse to compromise our integrity, and your safety, by peddling this sort of rubbish just to make a buck. Our treatment recommendations will be backed up by the best scientific evidence available and we will sleep at night knowing we are doing our best work with integrity
  3. We believe injury and pain shouldn’t stop you doing the things you really love. We believe you should be able to enjoy sport and exercise as part of your daily life. We will do everything in our power to get you back in action by sorting out your current problem and give you tools and strategies to prevent injury coming back
  4. We believe exercise is powerful medicine. Our belief is strongly backed by science. We use our in-house gym to provide you with effective exercise rehab as part of your Physio treatment. We won’t outsource or farm out this vital part of our work to people we don’t know or let you just wing it at the gym. We use the power of group exercise to keep you motivated and progressing.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what underpins our clinical approach. We strongly believe in what we do, we’re on a mission to provide our local community the best quality injury management we can and hope our commitment shows through in what we do every day. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to fire away below. In the next follow up post I’ll let you know our promises to you.

If you need our help to get back to doing what you love right now, you can use our new online booking system by clicking this link and scheduling a time that suits you, right from your phone.

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Stay active,

Matt McEwan