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Returning Serve on “Tennis Elbow”

If you are struggling with pain on the outside of your elbow, you probably have Tennis Elbow. Back in the day when there was a tennis court every few blocks it was probably an accurate name, now virtually no-one gets a sore elbow from tennis, more like a “work elbow” or “lifting elbow” nowadays. The long name for this is Lateral Epicondylitis. 

Parkside Sports Physio, Jess Stoll, has spent months scouring research to come up with a gold-standard best-practice rehab program for this frustrating condition and some of her findings are worth sharing……..

  • Tennis elbow affects 40% of us over our lifetime
  • 80-90% will settle within a year, some people can suffer for up to 2 years!
  • Physio and exercise rehab produces less pain and improved recovery over both short and long terms compared to “wait and see” or cortisone injection

Our Tennis Elbow Clinical Pathway has 3 phases

  1. Pain Phase: education and activity modification, tape or brace to unload painful tissues and targeted exercises to settle your irritable elbow
  2. Rehab Phase: exercises to improve flexibility and strength in the elbow and upper limb
  3. Performance Phase: Progress exercises back to a level above pre-injury function to prevent recurrence

Jess’ research revealed what we’ve known for a while:  Tennis Elbow is frustrating and takes a long time to get under control. More severe pain and a longer duration of symptoms lead to a longer recovery time. In our experience the mildest cases take at least 6 weeks to settle down, so don’t let your sore elbow hang around for months. Get it seen to quickly to help yourself get back to doing what you love quickly.