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Is Hip Pain driving you mad?

Do you suffer from pain on the side of your hip that stops you sleeping, walking or even sitting?

“Many women put up with disabling hip pain for 2 years without getting effective treatment, instead taking drugs and getting cortisone injections, often with no result!”

Without an effective treatment plan, this pain can unfortunately continue for years. Disturbed sleep and reduced walking and exercise can lead to weight gain, with implications for your general health and mental well-being.

With the right treatment plan, delivered by one of the Physios at Parkside according to our scientifically backed Hip Pain Program, you can expect reduced pain and improved quality of life in as little as 10 weeks. Better sleep, pain-free sitting and increased ability to walk and exercise are all outcomes you can expect with our program. Even better, we rely on advice, education and exercise, with no drugs or injections. A recent clinical trial showed this approach to have the best outcomes at 2 months and 1 year compared to injection or doing nothing.

What really frustrates us is that so many women with this condition are misdiagnosed with a “bursa” and treated with cortisone injections, when the truth is that tendon injury and tears are most often the cause of this pain. These respond super well to active treatment including specific, targeted exercise. This is what we love helping you with. We love seeing these long-standing, disabling hip problems respond well to exercise and seeing you get more active and claiming your life back again.

Our Hip Pain Program includes education regarding “Happy Hip Habits” which will make standing, sitting and sleeping more comfortable as well as a structured exercise program to reduce pain, get you stronger and prevent your hip pain from returning.

If any of this rings bells for you, we’d love to help you out. In as little as 10 visits over 8 weeks we can have you back doing what you love with less hip pain.

As a special offer we’re giving away our “Happy Hip Habits” fact sheet. It’s a one page tip-sheet with pointers on how to sleep, sit and stand to begin reducing your pain. These handy secrets can reverse the postural mistakes which often prolong pain and suffering. Click to Grab your copy here.

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