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Goal setting: Our 10-Year Everest!

Mt Everest

Our Blog posts usually contain tips and hints about how to avoid injury, or what to do once you’ve hurt yourself.  This one is different. Over the last year with such “uncertain times” I’ve spent a lot of time digging deep into important things like our purpose, what values we hold dear as a team and a business, and where we’re heading in the future. Today I thought I’d let you know about our long-term goal; our 10-Year Everest

Why 10-Year Everest?

For a long time, I’ve been obsessed with the highest point on the planet. Watching documentaries, reading books, blogs and websites for a few decades at least. I hope one day to see Mt Everest with my own eyes but until then, I’ve borrowed the name for Parkside’s long-term aim; our big, hairy audacious goal that will help drive us forward as a team.

Why bother setting a goal, just do the work?

According to my planning diary (it’s a MiGoals planner; highly recommended for the analogue brains like me out there who still operate with pen and paper for important stuff):

“People with written goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than people without written goals. Telling a friend increases this rate to 78%”

So, I’m putting our goals out there to help our probability of success.  All the team here at Parkside know our 10-Year Everest, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t share it with our valued friends and clients. I’m told people do business with people they know, like and trust. By sharing our aspirations, I hope you get to either know, like or trust us just a little more.

First things first: our Core Purpose

We’ve done some work over the last year or so to define who we are, what we stand for and what defines success for us. This has culminated in a core purpose and values that drive all we do.

Parkside Sports Physio’s core purpose is to create happiness by helping you get back to the things you really love

Our 10-Year Everest

To be aligned with our core purpose, our long-term goal had to be tightly aligned with our purpose and values. Here it is:

By 31 December 2030, Parkside Sports Physiotherapy will help 50,000 valued clients get back to doing what they love

 Here’s How

  • We’ll attract clients who value exercise and physical activity
  • By listening to your story, we’ll identify the activities that give your life meaning that you’re prevented from enjoying by injury or illness
  • We’ll help you set compelling goals to get back to the things you really love doing and develop a plan to get you there
  • We’ll work together to help you smash your goals and create more happiness with our shared achievement

How will we get there?

Just like climbing Everest, we’re not walking out the door at sea level and doing it all in one hit.  We’ve broken it up into smaller treks, our first milestone is Basecamp in 2024 where we’ll have a great chance to see whether we’re on track. Until then we’ll be planning and trying to execute our expedition plan relentlessly to keep moving upwards.

Want to learn more: check out this episode of the Think Big, Act Small podcast, where I’m interviewed by business coach, author and mentor, Tristan White, about the goal setting process.