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Stay Match Fit? Social Isolation Soccer Training Program

The FFA’s decision to temporarily suspend all grassroots football training/trials/games from Wednesday 18/03 until

profile of Physiotherapist, Jay McGuinness
Jay McGuinness

Tuesday 14/04 due to COVID-19 is unfortunate, however, all football participants must play a role if we are to help slow the spread of the virus.Read More

How to start a Strength Program

If you read our most recent blog post, we talked about how vital strength training is for your health as well as sporting performance. World Health Organisation guidelines for activity for adults tell us we should all be performing strength exercises at least twice a week. So how do you go about that without breaking the bank or spending your life in the gym?Read More

Get a grip on wrist pain at the Gym!

Are you struggling with lifting weights because your wrists hurt?

You are not alone. Research we were recently reading shows that up to 25% of weight training injuries occur in the wrist. We’ve been seeing a heap of these recently and wanted to share a few tips we find helpful to combat wrist pain and get you pressing heavy again without the painRead More