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Don’t throw your season away!

Baseball, softball and cricket all have one skill in common. Throwing. Throwing places a lot of stress on the body and its’ high velocity and repetitive nature often results in injury. Our throwing expert Jess Stoll goes through the Throwers 10 program to keep you throwing strongly this season.

Throwing is made up of several components, flexibility, power, strength, coordination and endurance. When combined, they determine the velocity of the ball and the effectiveness of the throw.

There are 2 programs that are widely utilised for shoulder rehabilitation, injury prevention and optimising performance in throwing athletes.

They are the Throwers 10 (T10) and Advanced Throwers 10 (AT10). For some reason there are actually more than 10 exercises, but lets just roll with it.

Throwers 10 is the beginner’s version, most commonly used as part of rehabilitation following a shoulder injury. The Advanced Throwers 10 is for advanced rehab and injury prevention.

Because throwing uses the whole body, it’s important to train the wrist, elbow, upper back and core, not just the shoulder.

During the playing season it is recommended that the AT10 be completed 1-2 times a week and 2-3 times a week during the off season.

The programs can also be used as part of a warm-up routine before competition and training.

We’ve put the Throwers 10 together for you in a PDF, if you’d like a copy click here to download it now to help keep you injury free this sport season! If you are struggling with your throwing, pitching or bowling feel free to come and see me for an assessment and rehab program.