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5 Neck Pain Secrets

What a pain in the neck!

I have it. You have it. Have a look around you, 1 in 5 people in your office have it.

Neck pain is one of those horrible conditions that affects 50% of Australian’s at some point in their lifetime. It can cause headaches, difficulty sleeping and decreased productivity. Like most common injuries, we put it off for weeks, months and sometimes years before we do something about it. Here’s 5 secret tips to settle your stiff, sore neck

Stop putting up with something that can be fixed! Here are 5 secrets to get rid of your neck pain today!

1. Frankie Says Relax!

Stress is a major contributing factor to neck pain. For most of us we can’t change the cause of our stress (hello work) but we can change how we cope with that stress. Its time to do something about it and do something for you. Try some mindfulness or relaxation. I know you probably rolled your eyes at this but trust me, give it a go. Take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule (which is likely contributing to your stress!) and download an app (Headspace or Calm are great), go on Youtube or just go for a quick wander outside for a short time out from your stress.

2. Get moving!

Joints and muscles are designed to move. When they are limited to sustained positions, joints stiffen and muscles tighten. Think about how long you spend staring at a computer screen or at your phone. All this stationary work means your neck isn’t getting the movement it needs to stay healthy. Remember, movement is medicine.

3. I think I just need a massage.

Whilst massage does give some symptomatic relief for your neck pain it’s not a cure. It is important to make sure you include stretches and strengthening exercises as well as changes to posture to have successful long-term relief from your neck pain.

4. Check your Desk.

If you spend most of your time at a desk, make sure the set up is right for you. Incorrect screen height, reaching for the mouse or keyboard and a poorly designed chair can be contributing to your pain. Ask your manager for an ergonomic assessment or come and see us for some information on correct workstation set up.

5. Don’t sleep on your stomach!

The average person spends 6-8hrs sleeping. If your sleeping position is poor, no wonder you wake up with neck pain! Sleeping on your stomach means your neck is in almost maximal rotation to allow to you to breathe. Sustaining this position means that muscles and joints tighten up unevenly and can be difficult to move when you wake up. Doing this night after night can result in chronic neck stiffness and pain as the simple act of sleeping is an aggravating factor.

If you’re struggling to get your neck pain under control, make some time for yourself and come and see us at Parkside. We use safe, effective hands-on techniques (no cracking your neck) and exercise to help give you back control of your sore neck.