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COVID-19 Update

Important Corona Virus Update: The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and taking advice from reputable, official channels and taking steps to help keep our community safe.

As we all adjust to new precautions, we want to highlight a few actions we are taking at Parkside Sports Physiotherapy while we remain open for business as usual

We would encourage you to stay home only in these circumstances:
1. If there is fever, cough or flu-like symptoms.
2. If there has been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case
3. If there is a need to cancel an appointment as a result of this, we are suspending our 24-hour cancellation policy and cancellation fee until further notice and instead will call you back for a short phone consultation to help you with your treatment plan in the short-term

We are taking these extra steps
 Ensuring we are maintaining optimal hygiene standards, frequent hand-washing and sanitising, disinfecting door handles, desks, office equipment and eftpos machines
 More frequent disinfection of patient contact surfaces in treatment cubicles and gym area
✅ We are spreading out our waiting room chairs and cubicles
We’ve banned High-Fives at our daily meetings
???? We have maintained a supply of face masks, hand sanitiser and toilet paper to fulfil our short-term needs without being stupid about it.
☎️ We are screening phone bookings and making recommendations according to NSW Health guidelines with regard to recent travel and symptoms.
???? We have also increased the availability of hand-sanitiser dispensers and encourage you to use these on arrival in our front office
 We are committed to supporting public health authorities with any identified cases or concerns of potential transmission in the community and believe that transparency is key to everyone’s safety so rest assured that if we have confirmed cases in our premises we will be alerting public health authorities and taking responsible steps for the good of the wider community.
 We have strict rules in place to make sure that members of our team aren’t coming to work if they feel even slightly unwell and keeping our team updated through our daily team meetings and online communication channels to ensure that everybody remains fully informed on policy changes
 We will pay our casual employees for sick leave to allow them the security to remain at home if they are unwell and not compromise community safety.
 We are investigating online consultations using our existing software and technology solutions and making contingency plans for possible future public health measures including shutdowns

 If you have any concerns, would like something wiped down, or would like to discuss how we are proactively dealing with the outbreak please just ask, your health and well-being is our main priority.

????‍⚕️Stay informed and follow the advice given by public health authorities and your Doctor, not fringe loonies on social media.
☺️ Don’t become overly anxious, maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise and social connections where safe

NSW Health Recommendations
The best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is the same way you would protect yourself from catching flu or other respiratory illness:
– clean your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol.
– cover your sneeze or cough with your elbow or with tissue.
– avoid close contact with people who are ill
– avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
– stay home if you are sick.