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Running Cadence: Is 180 the magic number?

If you’re running with a Garmin or Apple watch you may see “Cadence” pop up on screen or in the App afterwards.  If you’ve done any research on this, you may have seen the magic target of 180 put forward.  What does this all mean? What’s cadence anyway and why is everyone telling me to get to 180? Here’s some answers for you…..Read More

“You Shouldn’t Run” Why those 3 words aren’t the end of the world.

Telling Injured Runners not to run sucks. As Physios we usually have a very good reason but most runners hate and ignore this advice. What if we told you that you could miss or modify up to 5 weeks of training every 6 months and still hit your performance goal?  What if we told you that the AIS tracked their runners for 5 years and proved this to be true? Read on for all the details………Read More

Shin Splints: How to avoid the pre-season curse

It’s February and we’ve all started and hopefully stuck to our New Year’s resolutions and pre-season fitness training for footy, netball or soccer is ramping up. It’s about this time that the dreaded shin splints start rearing their ugly head. So, we thought we’d help you out by telling you what they are, why they happen and how you can try and prevent them.Read More

High Heels Help Achilles Problems?

High heel shoes
High heels can help Achilles tendinopathy

Well, not exactly high heels, but a heel lift placed in your shoes.  A recent study from LaTrobe Uni in Melbourne compared placing 12mm heel lifts in shoes to a common exercise protocol and recorded the response over 12 weeks.  They found that both groups improved, and that the group who wore the heel raises improved slightly more. What’s going on here you may ask?  Let’s explain…..Read More