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Plantar Fascia: The Runner’s Arch-Enemy

Plantar fasciitis is a painful heel condition that affects more than 1 in 10 of us over a lifetime. It’s caused by pain coming from the strong soft tissue in our arch where it attaches to the inner side of the heel bone.

Plantar fasciitis is best known for disabling pain when taking the first steps on getting up out of bed, or out of a chair. It also stops you being able to stand, walk or run. Worst of all, almost half of those with plantar fascia pain report ongoing problems 10 years later!!Read More

Achilles Tendon Tips

Achilles pain is one of the most common running injuries and particularly affects older runners or those running long distances.  Rather than calling it Achilles tendinitis, which suggests inflammation easily helped by drugs, this is now known as Achilles tendinopathy, which describes Achilles tendon pain due to changes in the structure and function of the tendon and aggravated by increased load. Read on for 5 tips you may think are crazy for settling down a cranky AchillesRead More

Running Cadence: Is 180 the magic number?

If you’re running with a Garmin or Apple watch you may see “Cadence” pop up on screen or in the App afterwards.  If you’ve done any research on this, you may have seen the magic target of 180 put forward.  What does this all mean? What’s cadence anyway and why is everyone telling me to get to 180? Here’s some answers for you…..Read More

“You Shouldn’t Run” Why those 3 words aren’t the end of the world.

Telling Injured Runners not to run sucks. As Physios we usually have a very good reason but most runners hate and ignore this advice. What if we told you that you could miss or modify up to 5 weeks of training every 6 months and still hit your performance goal?  What if we told you that the AIS tracked their runners for 5 years and proved this to be true? Read on for all the details………Read More