Our 2020 Vision!

Parkside’s 2020 Vision

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A lot of us use the new year to take stock of the year just gone and plan some changes for the coming year by making New Year’s resolutions.  I do this personally with mixed results and every quarter I sit down and repeat this process for Parkside Sports Physio as a business.

I did my quarterly review on New Year’s Eve and thought I’d put our “2020 Vision” out there so you can get an idea why I’m pumped about the year ahead.

An arrow has to move back before it can move forward, so let’s look at our wins for the last year before planning this year.

  • We celebrated Matt working in Engadine for 25 Years and Parkside Sports Physio celebrated our 21st Birthday
  • We started our GLA;D Osteoarthritis group exercise class lead by Jay McGuinness
  • Jess Stoll further developed her Women’s Health niche by travelling to Melbourne for an awesome one week training course and used her knowledge and skills with her clients late in 2019
  • We took the jump and enabled online booking so you can now lock in an appointment any time of the day or night
  • Our Pilates/Clinical Rehab classes with Gillian Carr go from strength to strength, with 3 sessions every Tuesday plus a waiting list
  • We welcomed Sophie Wood to our front desk team
  • We continued to develop our strength and conditioning skills and used current scientific research to underpin our exercise-based injury rehab. Our gym floor is now the busiest part of our practice
  • We had our busiest year ever and we’re ecstatic that we helped more people than ever get back to doing what they love

So what have we got planned for next year? One of the breakthroughs I’ve had as a business owner is eventually realising that I can help more people by training, developing and mentoring a killer team of heath professionals. By doing this I can multiply my passion for helping you achieve your dreams and goals as well as provide my team with a fantastic place to work. To do this I need to step out of the treatment cubicle and spend more time on training and developing my team. This is the background for the big rocks we’re looking forward to in 2020.

  • We’re looking forward to introducing some new group exercise sessions in 2020. Jay McGuinness starts our pre-season performance and prevention sessions in February to help those who are finishing rehab or wanting to get a head-start on pre-season injury prevention before winter sport training kicks off. We’d also love to kick off some introductory strength training classes and a Run-specific strength class as well.
  • We’re welcoming another Physio, Shaylee Pyett to the Parkside team in February. Shaylee blitzed our gruelling recruitment process and we’re looking forward to getting her onboard. We know she’s excited to get started.
  • We’ve also sacked Ashleigh Hooper from her reception role and employed her as an Exercise Physiologist to provide exercise-based management of health and lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Falls Prevention and post-surgical rehab
  • As a result, I will be cutting back my clinical sessions to focus on training and developing our growing team

I’m confident this is the right move because

  • I will only employ therapists I’d trust to treat my family (which they have done in the last year, looking after my wife Meghan!) and
  • my team research and develop the scientifically-backed clinical pathways and protocols that form the backbone of our rehab recommendations we provide you.
  • I know you’re in good hands with any of my team and I’ll still be around, just a bit harder to get an appointment with.
  • I’ve seen our team explode with an increased focus on culture, training and development in the last 18 months and know I need to step out from behind the cubicle curtains to continue this process and expand our team.
  • Doing my personal end of year review, I’ve realised my purpose is to teach, mentor and pass my knowledge onto others and so I’ve committed to focus on this in 2020

Most of all, we’re going to focus on our mission, to help active people like you get back to doing what you love.

We hope you have a fantastic year, and if you need us we’re only a phone call or mouse click away!

Matt McEwan