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Exercise is Medicine: What’s the Right Dose?

With the warmer months upon us, it’s the time of year we begin exercising more and getting out of the house! But how often should we exercise? Did you know 56% of Australians are not active enough? Read below to find our 5 tips for staying fit this Spring/Summer.

  1. The World Health Organisation recommends that everyone, regardless of age, perform a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This 30mins can be divided into several smaller bouts (minimum of 3 x 10min bouts).


  1. This exercise should be done at an intensity where you start sweating and become slightly short of breath. Exercising at 60% of your maximum heart rate will start the process of making you stronger and fitter. An easy way to calculate what your max heart rate is, is to subtract your age from 220.


  1. The best exercise is the one that gets done! It is important to choose an activity that you like. It should fit into your daily life for you to prioritize regular physical activity. Even 5mins of walking a day = 35mins a week = 140 mins a month = 28hrs a year!


  1. There is a difference between PLANNED EXERCISE and INCIDENTAL EXERCISE. Even if you are a hard-working labourer or busy mum running around after your kids, incidental exercise is the activity that you do in your normal life and does not count towards your required exercise amount. You must undertake an extra 30mins of planned exercise on top of your daily work/life load.


  1. If you struggle to find motivation to exercise, then perhaps group exercise is for you. Invite friends, family or find a local group in your community to engage in activities you enjoy. Group exercise holds you accountable and can be more fun than individual exercise.


So enjoy these warmer months and exercise more, your life depends on it! If you’d like some help with a safe way to start your exercise or come back from an injury we love helping people just like you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.