Exercise: Why Groups Are Best!

“It’s cold”, “I’m sore”, “I’m tired”, “I’ll do it tomorrow!”  If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these excuses in regards to exercising (and mainlyProfile Picture of Ashleigh Hooper, Exercise Physiologist out of my own mouth), I’d have a beachfront property. I’m the first person to admit finding the motivation to get off my butt and exercise is the most challenging part of exercising itself (especially when it’s almost hypocritical as my job is to get people to do so).

However, we all know exercise helps manage those aches and pains, boosts energy levels, improves sleep, and let’s not forget the countless health benefits. This is all fabulous news, but how do we work up the motivation to do it in the first place?! Groups hold the answer!Read More

Exercise Physiology!

Profile Picture of Ashleigh Hooper, Exercise Physiologist
Ashleigh Hooper

We are excited to be welcoming Ashleigh Hooper onboard as our Exercise Physiologist. Ashleigh is a familiar face, having been on our Front Desk team for more than 2 years and we’re excited to have her as part of our team. If you aren’t sure what Exercise Physiology involves, we caught up with Ashleigh for this hard-hitting interview!Read More

Ankle sprains

why you should ignore traditional medical advice!

Every week, thousands of people sprain their ankle. Most do it at sport, some walking down stairs or on uneven ground.

Here’s a typical story we hear as Physiotherapists, almost every week.
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Young Woman lifting a barbell

Back Pain


Low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the western world. It affects up to 25% of Australian adults at any point in time.

More than 90% will be pain free in 6 weeks. A minority of back pain sufferers have back pain that persists more than 3 months and causes more marked lifestyle changes.

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Runner athlete legs got a pain

Knee Pain

knee PAIN

The medical term for “runners knee” is Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome. Pain is usually felt at the front of the knee with running, stairs and sitting.

One in 20 teens and one in 10 adult females suffer from Patello-Femoral Pain. Pain lasts for a year or more in 1/3 of people.

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